The Republic of Tajikistan is a state in Central Asia bordering on the west and north-west with Uzbekistan, in the north with Kyrgyzstan, in the east with China and Afghanistan in the south with a territory of 143 thousand square meters. Km. And the population of 7 million 200 thousand people. More than half of the land lies at an altitude of over 3,000 meters above sea level. The highest point of the region is the Peak of Ismail Samani (7495 m, the former Peak of Communism)
Representatives of more than 80 nationalities live in Tajikistan, among them leading Tajiks (80%), Uzbeks (15.3%), Russians (1.1%), Tatars (0.3%).
The capital of Tajikistan is the city of Dushanbe, with a population of 562 thousand people.
The official language is Tajik (part of the Persian language group), the languages ​​of business and interethnic communication are Russian and English.
The climate of Tajikistan, like any mountainous country lying in southern latitudes, is very diverse: subtropical in low valleys, moderately warm in the middle tiers of mountains and cold in their high parts.
Tajikistan is an original region of the most striking natural contrasts. 93% of its entire territory is occupied by mountains considered to be the most beautiful in Central Asia.
The country has a great historical heritage, an original culture, an advantageous geographical location, a variety of natural landscapes and recreational zones, an interesting flora and fauna.
Tajikistan is an absolutely unique country where there is nothing artificial, where people who are sincere, kind and beautiful in their simplicity live.